“Theanomie” EP release

The new EP “Theonamie” is now online. You can download it for free on Bandcamp: https://anesthetize.bandcamp.com/album/theanomie

Here some backgrounds informations:
– Hypostasis was first called Isseki Nichô which was released on an EP back in 2014, for another band. But I changed almost everything, I only kept the basis. It now sounds a little more prog and rock but, as always, with a lot of melancholy…
– Chloroform, which you can already hear on Youtube is very minimalistic. It started as an improvisation and ended in a sad ambiant floating kind of music. The title expresses the boredom of todays youth.
– Death in Paris is a 11 minute mastodon ! I think it is so far my most Porcupine Tree like song with a huge XCIII touch of course. Very proggy but still without plain.
As always, this EP has a lot of differences with the other releases, but still has an actual XCIII vibe and this is cool. I think after almost 8 years of making music, I’m about to find the sound I really like and master.


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