XCIII releases “Press Repeat” (cover album)

There is nothing less interesting than cover a song exactly like the original version. XCIII tried to rearrange ten songs which inspired the band since a long time, using all of their musical influences: Doom, Black, Prog, Trip-Hop… The songs are experiments on the way to the forthcoming third album, which will be released in September 2018. Meanwhile, feel free to download the whole album, or just the song(s) you like. They are FREE ! And don’t forget to PRESS REPEAT !


“Theanomie” EP release


The new EP “Theonamie” is now online. You can download it for free on Bandcamp: https://anesthetize.bandcamp.com/album/theanomie

Here some backgrounds informations:
– Hypostasis was first called Isseki Nichô which was released on an EP back in 2014, for another band. But I changed almost everything, I only kept the basis. It now sounds a little more prog and rock but, as always, with a lot of melancholy…
– Chloroform, which you can already hear on Youtube is very minimalistic. It started as an improvisation and ended in a sad ambiant floating kind of music. The title expresses the boredom of todays youth.
– Death in Paris is a 11 minute mastodon ! I think it is so far my most Porcupine Tree like song with a huge XCIII touch of course. Very proggy but still without plain.
As always, this EP has a lot of differences with the other releases, but still has an actual XCIII vibe and this is cool. I think after almost 8 years of making music, I’m about to find the sound I really like and master.